The Nietzsche Family Circus

I just stumble upon this great web site. The Nietzsche Family Circus via kwout

Line Charts That Summarize Entire Life

The full charts are available after the jump. These Line Graphs Perfectly Sum Up our Lives from Start to Finish via kwout

Dinner Parties: Before and After Smartphones [COMIC] via kwout

New Year’s Resolutions

An antidote to New Year’s Resolutions. New Year’s Resolutions You Can Definitely Achieve via kwout


A single animated GIF showing the dynamic of queues. Found via High Scalability.

Photoshop Fake Ads

From Anna Hill Web Site. Found via Gizmodo. digital art — anna hill art photography via kwout


From Tumblr: Explore – Absolutely brilliant cartoon by Randy Glasbergen,… via kwout

James Mickens wrote a nice and funny article about Byzantine Fault Tolerance. Here is one quote: For example,suppose that I am at work, and I want to go to lunch with some of my co-workers. Here is what that experience would look like if it resembled a Byzantine fault tolerant protocol: JAMES: I announce my […]

Funny Amazon Reviews

My favorite from the list: Modern Masterpieces of Comedic Genius: The Art of the Humorous Amazon Review, Part Deux | Brain Pickings via kwout

Nice Shot

Consumerist Friday Flickr Finds – Consumerist via kwout