About Luck

This quote says it all: luck determines pretty much all of our economic fate. Stumbling and Mumbling: Luck

The chart below is extracted from a WSJ.com article on China’s effort to catch-up on innovation: China’s Top-Down Take on Innovation – WSJ.com via kwout

How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio

Nice economy tutorial.

Work Less: The Economist’s Recommendation

Working hours: Get a life | The Economist via kwout The conclusion from the article is straightforward: So maybe we should be more self-critical about how much we work. Working less may make us more productive. And, as Russell argued, working less will guarantee “happiness and joy of life, instead of frayed nerves, weariness, and […]

Infographic on Currency Wars

The “Tour de France” will start soon and Saxo Capital Market made a nice infographic inspired by this competition on the current currency war.  Who Will Win the Race to the Bottom in the Latest Currency War? | Visual.ly via kwout

Global Cost of Manufacturing

In the article referenced below from the FT there is an interesting chart showing the cost of manufacturing around the world:  Safran’s Turbomeca holds lesson for France’s manufacturers – FT.com

Global Economic Indicators

Chart of the day at Thomson Reuters blog is Global Economic Indicators:  Global economic indicators – graphic of the day | The Knowledge Effect via kwout

The chart shows that the part of labor income is continuously dropping compared to capital income since 1987 and the fall is worse since the beginning of the crisis. Felix Salmon added the following analysis that make the chart even scarier: The fascinating thing to me, here, is what has happened since the crisis. Over […]

US Bailout status in one chart

There are some comments on NPR Planet Money Blog after the jump: Where The Bailouts Stand, In 1 Graphic : Planet Money : NPR via kwout

All is in the full size picture after the jump:  yfrog Fullsize – http://yfrog.com/nzndsyp via kwout Image courtesy of Stephanie Kelton.