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There is a good definition of ego depletion in this HBR article: As the Jekyll and Hyde analogy suggests, self-control varies over time within the same person. Physiologically, self-control occurs largely in the pre-frontal cortex region of the human brain, and uses glucose as a fuel. The act of using self-control draws upon this fuel, which exhausts the […]

Ok this is marketing. However the idea is interesting: Make a forensic drawer makes sketches of women as they see themselves compared to how a stranger see them. The outcome? “You are more beautiful than you think”. Videos and sketches are available after the jump.  Real Beauty Sketches – Dove via kwout

About Creativity

Very good article beautifully illustrated. The Rise Of The Artist, You Are The Future by $techgnotic on deviantART via kwout

Everyday at work I interact with Frenchs, Thais, Americans, English, Indians,… co-workers. And communication issues are common. I already experienced misunderstanding beween French and Thai similar to the example below related by Erin Meyer from HBR Blog that involves French and Indonesians:   Here’s what an Indonesian interviewee told me: In the Indonesian cultural context, confrontation […]

I enjoy those minimalist illustrations like below (there are more after the jump) that wraps up the cultural differences between Paris and NewYork. From a cultural perspective, it’s like the top of an iceberg.  Paris vs. New York: Minimalist Illustrated Parallels of Culture | Brain Pickings via kwout Those illustrations are taken from the book […]

How To Stay Focused?

A useful Mindmap to avoid distractions. The full version is available after the jump.  Focus-mindmap-for-web.jpg (1220×889) via kwout Found via The Next Web.

There is really a model for everything. BBC reports the results of a study that states that there is a link between sleep position and personality. The most common sleep positions are: BBC NEWS | Health | Sleep position gives personality clue via kwout The personalities according the position are: Foetus: tough on the outside […]

The spinning lady returns

I already wrote a post about the spinning lady optical illusion: It’s a Right brain VS Left Brain test. The new animated GIF below with 2 additional dancers can be used to change the rotation direction. It’s still amazing.

Power Distance Index

I came across a very interested social model called Power Distance Index reading Malcolm Gladwell‘s book “Outliers-the story of success”.  The Power Distance Index (PDI) is one of the five intercultural dimensions developed by the psychologist Geert Hofstede. This index defines how much a particular culture values and respects authority. Here is a map of […]