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Why are antioxidants important?

Nice and informative infographic about Antioxidants Why are antioxidants important Customer Services via kwout

The full infographic is available after the jump.    Decoding Smart Nutrition | via kwout

The full infographic is available after the jump. The Ultimate Guide to Healthier Baking [Infographic] | Greatist via kwout Found via This Infographic Guides You to Healthy, Tasty Baking Substitution

This image set on imgur shows families around the work and the groceries they consume during one week. The photos are taken from the book Hungry Planet.   What the world eats — a week’s worth of groceries – Imgur via kwout

Pairing Wine and Food

Pairing Wine and Food [infographic] via kwout

A Visual calcium calculator

The full infographic is available after the jump Calcium calculator | via kwout

This man gets rid of food

There is a quite extreme experience presented in the article linked below: A man replaced food by a special drink that he makes himself and that is supposed to contain all the nutrients required by the body. This is also actively discussed on Hacker News.  This Man Thinks He Never Has to Eat Again | […]

13 Essential Vitamins

It’s the beginning of the year and time for new resolutions. Therefore here is a chart that list the 13 essential vitamins to be healthy all year long. After the jump there, the full chart explains also where to find them. Enjoy :-).  More Than Supplemental | S.B.LattinDesign via kwout   Found via LifeHacker.

Bourdieu’s Food Space Chart

I found the chart below that displays foods along 2 axis (according economic capital and cultural capital) interesting. It’s based on a book published by Pierre Bourdieu more than 30 years ago.  Bourdieu’s Food Space – Gastronomica via kwout Found via FlowingData.

EHM published a funny list of advices to help live to 100 years: How to live to 100 | GDS Publishing via kwout