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The chart shows that the part of labor income is continuously dropping compared to capital income since 1987 and the fall is worse since the beginning of the crisis. Felix Salmon added the following analysis that make the chart even scarier: The fascinating thing to me, here, is what has happened since the crisis. Over […]

The most famous system monitor for Windows is Process Explorer from Sysinternals/Microsoft. But it requires a lot of resources to run: It’s not a light application. Sometimes it can takes up to 20% CPU on my laptop. Unlike process explorer, System Explorer is a light application and offers most of the functionalities of system explorer […]

Lovely Comics About Introverts

Introverts are usually not well understood. The comics below shows the way they (we ) behave.  INCIDENTAL COMICS: We Are the Introverts via kwout

Interesting Infographic about coding

Courtesy of

The beer index

The Economist published a chart built by UBS that list by countries around the world the work time required to purchase 500 ml of beer:  Daily chart: Thirsty work | The Economist via kwout Found via Blog du Moderateur.

TNW reports that Bing published a blog post highlighting that his iOS apps offers also maps.  Bing Just Got a New Phone? Time to Download the Bing App – Search Blog – Site Blogs – Bing Community via kwout Bing Targets iPhone Users  

Major security breaches in 2011 and 2012

The full infographic is available after the jump:  INFOGRAPHIC: All Major Security Breaches In 2011 And 2012  

iOS 6 features by devices

TechCrunch published a nice chart that summarizes the iOS 6 features by devices: iOS 6 Is Now Available: Here’s What Features Your iDevice Gets | TechCrunch via kwout

Another iPhone 5 cost estimation

Neowin published another iPhone 5 cost estimation: it’s 207 $ for the 16 GB version. The real price of the iPhone 5: $207 – Neowin via kwout

US Bailout status in one chart

There are some comments on NPR Planet Money Blog after the jump: Where The Bailouts Stand, In 1 Graphic : Planet Money : NPR via kwout