A few months ago, I came across the optical illusion below  on Mighty Optical Illusion. It is possible to see the lady spinning clockwise or counter-clockwise:

 Then last week an Australian newspaper posted an article that states this optical illusion can be used as a Right brain VS Left Brain test:

THE Right Brain vs Left Brain test … do you see the dancer turning clockwise or anti-clockwise?

If clockwise, then you use more of the right side of the brain and vice versa.

Most of us would see the dancer turning anti-clockwise though you can try to focus and change the direction; see if you can do it.


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15 Responses to “Spinning Lady Optical illusion”  

  1. 1 genius

    that poor spinning lady must feel violated and exhausted. day in and day out. people staring at her naked body. :(

  2. 2 Michael Loren

    I was able to see both directions. And I tested a concentration technique I found a few years back. And
    And I was able to get the lady to pivot left and right back and forth with out
    turn a full circle. I cant do this very long, because I hold my breath to do this.

  3. 3 GooHackle

    I publish a poll / survey to know what is more common, saw her spinning clockwise or anti-clockwise.
    You can see the results and vote here:
    Right Brain vs Left Brain Survey / Poll – Mind optical illusion

  4. 4 steve

    Hey – great site. I was hoping you could send me the spinning lady? Possible? Would be greatly appreciated! :)


  5. 5 MarkA

    At first I could only see her turning clockwise and then it occurred to me that the reflection (of the legs at the bottom of the pic) seems to be at odds with her – the reflection seems to be from a dancer turning anti-clockwise.

    I can now change direction at will – if I focus on the reflection I see her spinning anti-clockwise, if I focus on her I see her turning clockwise. Not sure about this left brain-right brain thing but it is a good optical illusion.

  6. 6 JoMamma

    I think this is not an illusion but a manipulation of all of us, that the image itself changes directions. I would looooove to see the source code for this graphic. I don’t know why some ppl see it differently that others other than that the direction is random at random intervals, to me it’s not physically possible for a 3 dimensional object to just flip in one’s mind. Imagine an outfit painted on the figure and then try to think how it could just suddenly appear to go reverse, it’s a hoax.

  7. 7 Warren

    I, too, was able to get the lady to pivot back and forth without her completing a full circle. I focused and refocused on the image and she would swing back and forth like a pendulum. When I refocused I thought of the pivot leg switching to the other and my changed “point of reference” would swing the body in the opposite direction.

  8. 8 Lindsay

    I do not think this is a manipulation of us. We all have a dominant hemisphere when it comes to the way we think. I was watching this with other people I was testing and we would see it differently depending on what we were thinking or doing at the time. Fascinating! Aren’t our brains amazing?

  9. 9 Trouble

    No hoax and no source code either. it is a GIF file composed of 34 frames and the direction of spin (and which leg she is standing on) really is determined by which hemisphere of the brain you are perceiving with at any given time. QUITE fascinating! It WOULD be nice if she could be given some sort of attire, though. For myself, I’m not all that concerned. Afterall, this is simply a silhouette of a woman (grantedly quite voluptuous!) and there are much more graphically explicit images of REAL women shown on TV all the time. But I understand that, for some people, she may be a bit too provocative, despite being an artist’s rendering AND in silhouette. Be all that as it may it is still intrigueing and wonderful.

    Peace and Music!

  10. 10 Basem

    Try to blink with your eyes very fast while you’re watching the animation, until she appear to turn the other way then stop blinking.
    Tip: Vary the speed of your blinking.
    What happen is that you’ll break the animation by blinking into images, and your brain will try to fill the rest, and when in several images ‘the lady’ appears to turn the opposite way your brain will be convinced of that you will start seeing her turning in the other direction.

  11. 11 Derekc

    JoMamma, I think your the only one seeing things clearly, yes, at random intervals she clearly changes direction ( and I mean for those that see her turning anti-clockwise look at which leg she has on the ground when she is directly facing you dead on, its her right, yes? and for those with the mental power :) to make her change her direction its clearly her left leg is on the ground when moving clockwise). This has nothing at all to do with people believing they can actually hold their breath to forcible make her change direction, more of a good example of misdirection allowing people to believe that its to do with ones left or right side of the brain and blinds people into a believe they are the ones controlling her rotation or otherwise. This is similarly applied to every day advertising and news reports, its the graphic version of a tabloid spin or political campaign slogan or the expression of taking it at face value for what you see from being told what you see.

    Yes it would be worth ripping it for the source code and I’m darn sure you’ll find two opposite images in a .gif file and them switching as she is facing to a 180° angle from us at random intervals.

    What I did:
    I observe firstly which leg she is standing on and cover the image from her head down and only watch the direction of it’s rotation, it clearly changes at random intervals when this happens i check which leg she is now standing on and its different, so no its nothing to do with what side of the brian you use at all! The image reverses at the same time her legs change, I can clearly see when this happens as its not perfectly reversible due to the altitude of the silhouette at that given time. It s a very very good illusion, just like the others like it you will see in emails passed around from time to time.

    Or maybe it really is that we are the only ones with above 160 IQ here ,(quoted from the emails) lol

  12. 12 George M

    Hey I can do her both ways! it took a while, but I’m finally able to get her to switch whenever I want her to. from left to right.

  13. 13 Mikey

    Erm..ok I can see her spinning both ways, but it goes further than that with me. She actually walked out of my pc. screen and kicked me in the head as she spun round and round on my desk. I couldnt believe it!!! I went out and got my flatmate to witness this extraordinary spectacle…my flatmate said she couldnt see anything on my desk apart from empty beer, vodka and pill bottles! She must be thick or somefing…

  14. 14 agentofchange

    clearly a hoax – when the lady is facing you full frontal – you can make out which leg is up – this changes when the direction of her spin changes

  1. 1 The spinning lady returns at DeStructUred Blog

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